lazy chocolate pie from cookpad recipe

My friend told me that she made too easy "pie-no-mi"-like chocolate pie from cookpad with her hubby.
I googled when I went back home, and made it too!

Ingredients are a frozen pie sheet and a chocolate bar only.
Cut the chocolate bar to each blocks, and cut the pie sheet to twice of the chocolate blocks,
and make chocolate sandwiches with 2 tiny pie sheets.

Yeah you know, I'm lazy enough to cut the pie sheet for each sandwiches.

Here's my steps:

Cut a frozen pie sheet to half, and a chocolate bar ... to each blocks(sigh).

Put chocolate blocks on a sheet equal distance.

Make a big sandwich!

Wait a while for pie sheet become soft enough, then put the sheet softly with your fingers to let you know where's chocolate blocks.

Cut the ditches. When you cut the pie sheet and it became soften, these will be put together.

Put these sandwiches equal distance, and bake it!

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