Halloween Ghost Cat Charm

halloween ghost cat charm

I made Ghost Cat Charm for Halloween!! His/Her tummy "sparkle"s! :) Here's some process.
This time, it looks like not so lazy... ;P however, if you try to make this, you'll soon know you don't need high skills of sewing... coz I'm not good at that!!

How to make Halloween ghost cat charm 1

Design your charm, print it on printable-cotton. Trace it roundly with some space on tracing paper. cut these off.

Put the tracing paper on cardboard & batting, trace the shape, cut the cardboard and batting same as tracing paper.

How to make Halloween ghost cat charm 2

Put some glue (or you can use double-sided tape) on cardboard and fix the batting.

Turn the printable-cotton back side, and put the cardboard with batting you made. Turn it over too.

5 - 6
Fix ears of the fabric to the cardboard with superglue and masking tape. You can use anything that easy to use make it.

Design Aniomagic Sparkle and Sequins on front side. If you need, fix these with Scotch tape and trace the places, and copy these on cardboard.

Sew electrical things from Sparkle with conductive thread. I arranged these as bracelet in PDF file below. Only the place of Battery box is different.
(PDF File)

How to make Halloween ghost cat charm 3

Start sewing from Sparkle's + (the anode) and - (the cathode). Leave conductive threads long.
Cover these with masking tapes to around battery box (Not all of the thread, you need to sew with these after this.)

10 -13
Continue sewing, make sure how these works step by step.
Excepting Sparkle's + & -, fix the end of thread with superglue.

Cover these with masking tape to keep the safe place of the conductive thread.

How to make Halloween ghost cat charm 3

Put tracing paper on felt sheet. Cut it slightly bigger than shape of the tracing paper with pinking shears.

Turn the charm over front side, and put the felt sheet back. Keep it right place with pinches or something.

17 - 18
Sew battery box on felt sheet. Ready to pass ribbon through the metal fitting.

19 - 20
Put some superglue between the charm and felt sheet. fix these and don't forget to fasten the ribbon.

You can decorate the charm with beads, ribbons, and more! ENJOY!

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